StatBun for accounting firms

Would you like to offer your clients help with an increasing range of financial and business knowledge management issues, but your resources are not sufficient?


StatBunin is an all-in-one business platform

StatBun’s all-in-one business platform is a complete service platform for the successful accounting business of the future. StatBun has made it unprecedentedly easy and profitable to provide, sell and broker services, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the workload of the accounting office.

Why will your accounting client love StatBun?

  • Set up free of charge in minutes – independently
  • Does not require technical or financial knowledge
  • Immediately ready for use
  • Basic reports automatically
  • Ready-made views and customisability to your needs
    with the easiest editor on the market
  • Access to information anywhere, anytime
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Unlimited earning potential for your accountancy firm

The StatBun client is the end-user, i.e. the client of your accounting office, who gives access to the accounting office’s role in the software. For each StatBun customer, your accounting office will receive a commission. This allows you to offer your clients a wide range of reporting and budgeting services effortlessly, while generating a steady stream of revenue without any work.