Towards a future way of leading and serving business

We work to develop an inspiring way for you to lead a smarter, higher performing business. This is the basis for StatBun!

More better performing companies

Our aim is to improve the chances of businesses succeeding. We believe that every business has the potential to succeed and grow.

This goal is the source of our enthusiasm and our strength. It motivates us to create the StatBun platform for business management. Our platform is designed to help businesses and their stakeholders. We are convinced that together we can build a better business.

Smarter business, better performance

We want to leave our fingerprints on the world as enablers of smarter management and better business performance.

StatBun has been developed to connect businesses, their stakeholders, business intelligence, management tools and service providers to support more efficient and successful business.

We believe that thriving businesses, entrepreneurs and people make the world a better place to do business. We want to play our part in building a world with more better performing businesses and where every entrepreneur is in the best possible position to succeed.

Backed by the experienced Talgraf Oy

Talgraf Oy is a Finnish family business established in 1992. Our business is growing and sustainable, enabling continuous software development and long-term partnerships. We employ dozens of experts with a broad understanding of business and technology. StatBun develops in capable hands.

We have a relaxed and professional culture of development, where every person is a valued part of our work community. We strongly believe that the well-being and motivation of our employees is the key to our success. We were recently ranked 2nd in the Great Place to Work Finland survey.

Accelerate growth with the Sustainability Index tool

The project will develop a new type of sustainability index tool for Talgraf’s product offering, enabling organisations to monitor, review and report on their sustainability performance.
The tool will strengthen Talgraf’s competitiveness and accelerate the company’s growth both domestically and internationally. The tool will also have a social impact by contributing to sustainable development.