StatBun is made for pioneers

The world needs more successful companies. Success in business is based on sound, informed decisions and seamless collaboration. We enable our clients to access rich business intelligence, management tools and certified business service providers through a single platform. StatBun is revolutionising traditional ways of doing business and opening up new opportunities for companies.

Become a partner

As our partner, you will complement your range of services and increase your turnover. You’ll increase customer satisfaction and profitability by providing your customers with solutions that are modern, easy to use, cost-effective and innovative to help them improve and simplify their business. Let’s build success together.

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Expand your range of services

With the StatBun platform, you can offer customised solutions quickly and without spending euros on product or service development.

Increase your turnover

As a StatBun partner, you provide value-added services to your customers in a cost-effective way. A variety of sales commissions and opportunities for other additional revenues will increase your turnover.

Strengthen your customer base

You know your customers best and can deepen your relationship with them with additional services tailored to their needs, enabled by the StatBun platform.

Take advantage of the partner network

You can extend your stakeholder base to the StatBun partner network and serve your customers using the whole network.

An accounting firm as a partner

StatBun is a business platform that allows your accounting firm to modernise and expand its range of services easily and affordably. You know your customers and their needs. We know the tools you need to improve their performance and help them succeed. We provide your business and your customers with a wide range of easy-to-use tools – from financial planning to accounting to cash flow statements and from budgeting to reporting. Best of all, this brings more business to your accounting firm too.

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A software company as a partner

StatBun is a business platform that allows your software company to complete its service portfolio at low cost and without lengthy product development processes. When you identify businesses in your customer base that need a reliable and easy-to-use tool for financial planning, cash flow calculations, budgeting and reporting, StatBun is your choice. The StatBun partnership is less risky than reseller partnerships with most other software providers.

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