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Create an account by filling in the required information or sign in directly with your Microsoft ID.

StatBun will automatically retrieve your company data using your company ID. Just add your company ID number and any other missing information.

2. Customise StatBun according to your needs

After creating an account and entering your company details, you can choose the features you want, your membership level and the number of user licenses you need.

You can always customise your order to suit your needs in the future. See the price list

3. Select the software you want to integrate and start using it

Select your financial management software from the StatBun platform’s ready-to-use integration list, and StatBun will automatically import your data and you can immediately enjoy the ready-to-use views and advanced features.

The first time you log in, it takes a little while to download the data, and even then we’re only talking about a few minutes. Look at integrations.

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Imagine, you can set up the StatBun platform completely independently in just a few minutes. Effortless integration into your source system is just a few clicks away, as we’ve already done it all for you. Simply effective – The future of knowledge management is here.

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