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StatBun’s all-in-one platform is the first business management ecosystem for the entire organisation and its external stakeholders. StatBun is all about deep understanding, agile development and forward thinking.

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Deployment in minutes

StatBun compiles your business data into an understandable format with just a few clicks. You can have StatBun up and running independently in minutes.

Role-based access rights

Access rights are role-based. You can quickly add, delete or change user roles and they will be assigned rights according to their role.

Integrations for your needs

Connect StatBun to the systems you use with off-the-shelf integrations, completely independently.


You can integrate a wide range of data into StatBun with just the click of a button. Whether it’s your financial data, your HR data or your sales tunnel data – you get it all in StatBun with ready-to-use integrations.


Plan the future of your business based on data. StatBun makes financial budgeting a snap.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the full potential of your business intelligence and try AI-assisted report building with speech and text.

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With StatBun, you don’t just monitor data, you run your business based on data. Data is brought to StatBun through off-the-shelf integrations, without expensive and time-consuming integration projects. Unlock the full potential of your business data by trying our platform for free.

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StatBun is a hub for business intelligence and services. As a StatBun partner, you will have the opportunity to expand your business and offer new value-added services to your customers. Do you want to be part of building a world with more successful companies and vibrant businesses?

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