All-in-One Platform for Intelligent Business

Smarter Business. Better Performance.

Smarter business uses data for intelligent decision-making and management

StatBun is business performance management platform that combines inspiring and easy-to-use management tools with a partner and service network to enable intelligent business management. It is collaborative and scales to your needs.

Towards Intelligent Business Management

We developed an all-in-one solution for entrepreneurs. Apply to StatBun beta and become a forerunner in developing a smarter way to manage sustainably better business performance.

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Towards Smarter Services

We develop a collaborative platform to support accounting companies’ improved service portfolios. Apply to become a StatBun ambassador and support more committed and successful customers. Be one of the first accounting companies to serve existing customers collaborative in StatBun and to connect with new ones that find you on the marketplace just as the need for your services arises.

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All-in-one Platform for Intelligent Business

With the help of inspiring and easy-to-use tools you can focus on making better decisions. Manage intelligent business together with your interest groups by using business performance management features that go beyond Business Intelligence and analytics.


Set smart targets and monitor collaborative strategy implementation with ease. Shared goals help you and your team.

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Hit your targets by smart planning and resourcing of activities. With the help of diverse budget, scenario and investment tools you can direct your efforts into right things and be more certain to succeed.

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Smart reporting and monitoring for better decisions. Dashboards provide insights to keep you up to speed about the state of your business and help you make better decisions about its future.

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Set smart metrics and analyse business performance. With the relevant KPIs you can analyse the impact of your decisions and their implementation on business performance, position, value and vitality.

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Forecast business performance in long and short term. With the right indicators you recognise opportunities and changes related to profit, cash flow, balance sheet and liquidity in time.

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Access the data, software and services you need with just a few clicks. Find ready integrations, services best suited to your business needs, and diverse self-services all in one place.

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For a world with better-performing businesses.

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