StatBun is made for pioneers.

StatBun brings the business intelligence, management tools, partner and service network you need in one place to support your business. This way you can focus on the essentials without spending weeks and weeks on financial planning, analysis and reporting or building data models. Get StatBunsoftware at your fingertips in minutes.

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A new platform for business management

The best decisions are based on up-to-date and clearly presented information. StatBun is a business platform that makes the data you need easily available for analysis and business management. Get your business data with ready-to-use integrations in just a few clicks..

You know , who needs information

The best decisions are made together. StatBun help strengthen cooperation and transparency with owners, board members, management and employees. With true role-based user management, you bring continuity to the use of information without the impact of potential personnel changes.

Because different roles have different information needs, you share information withStatBun-platform securely to your key stakeholders, such as your accountant, auditors, investors, various business service providers and even your occupational health nurse. You will save significant amounts of time and further strengthen trust.

Achieve your goals

With consistent planning and resourcing, you increase the likelihood of achieving your business goals. With the StatBun platform, you plan your business to steer your activities in the desired direction. It helps you to detect potential deviations in time and take the necessary corrective action.

StatBun speeds up your work with comprehensive budgeting features and easy-to-use templates. Participatory, interactive budget planning and monitoring between different users is made effortless. Scenario analysis adds complexity to planning and certainty to decision-making. You can compare different solutions and weigh up the impact of your choices on achieving your objectives, and strengthen your capacity for change.

All-inclusive reporting

Whether you’re responsible for finance, HR, sales, marketing, procurement or any area of your business, you’ll be looking at the information that’s relevant to your role and objectives. You have access to ready-made report packages and can easily tailor report views to suit your needs.

StatBun helps you keep track of your business performance and make better decisions about the future of your operations. Automated and real-time monitoring allows you to focus on understanding the future instead of collecting historical data. StatBun makes compiling data quick, easy and inspiring.

Additional services targeted from the marketplace

In the soon-to-be-launched marketplace, you’ll find additional services for searching and purchasing software, business services and financing to save you time. Get to know selected service providers without time-consuming searches or unnecessary meetings. Reach out through the marketplace to recommended and StatBun-certified business services, for example to support strategy work, develop reporting or budgeting, value your business, calculate the profitability of investments or plan financing.

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Connect StatBun to the systems you use with ready-made integrations. We are adding integrations to suit the needs of our customers.



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Here’s how to get started

Forget long deployment projects and complex data model builds. StatBunThe StatBun platform can be deployed in just a few clicks, and data uploads take just minutes. StatBun is ready to go, offering integrations and ready-made starter templates that you can customise to suit your needs.

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