From Zero to One Hundred – Talgraf is Internationalizing with Confidence

What kind of journey is it when you start taking business management software abroad?

Firstly, it seems interesting and eventful. The world is full of contacts, and the media bombardment for decision-makers is multichannel. In addition to digital marketing online, decision-makers receive countless emails, contact through social media, phone calls directly or through switchboards, and text messages.

Standing out can be challenging, but then the solution must be exceptionally fascinating.

StatBun offers a unique business ecosystem for companies and their stakeholders to interact with each other. It’s not just a BI software, but an intelligent and scalable integration platform that provides comprehensive management tools even for the most demanding users. The solution is complemented by a marketplace that offers a variety of integrations, software, business services, and financing. Attractiveness is ensured with a quick deployment in minutes and a free trial period. User experience is emphasized in interface design, hence new reporting views can be created, among other things, with voice control.

What are you actually offering?

Being a pioneer in the solution is just part of the story. A convincing partner with a soul is needed. It’s about people meeting and their experience with us Talgrafians as individuals. We build trust with honesty and authenticity. We know that face-to-face encounters are the most valuable. We genuinely want to listen and hear. The conversations we’ve had have been great encounters where together with our partner, we’ve realized the possibilities of succeeding big.

How is internationalization done at Talgraf?

We acknowledge the diversity of cultures and humbly serve our partners. We have people with international backgrounds in our team, which enhances our understanding in encounters. We are persistent and resilient. Whatever may come, our attitude and burning desire to succeed will drive us forward. The tone of our voice indicates that we are on a good mission and serious about it. It takes endless repetitions and multichannel approaches. The joy of experimentation colors our actions, and we celebrate even small successes. Our current satisfied partners are happy to spread our message further. The journey is just beginning, the first baby steps – but we have decided to succeed and we are happy to share our ups and downs and tight curves on our rollercoaster.

Warmly welcome to join us as a partner, let’s make the world smarter together.


Timo Räsänen

Commercial Success Lead, Global Markets
StatBun | Talgraf