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In StatBun you can access all the data, software and services you need to do smarter business. Find ready integrations and services best suited to your needs all in one place. With just a few clicks!


From Data to 360 Degree Decision-Making

No more siloed data systems. Collect your data into one platform with just a few clicks thanks to ready integrations. StatBun is a master in integrations and its smart data platform can receive and combine diverse data in the form you deliver it to us. We will find solutions even to your most specific integration needs and can complement your business information with the smartest AI solutions. Whatever you need, we will find a smart way to utilise your data to your success.

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service market

High Quality Service Providers 

Find service providers that suit you and your needs on StatBun’s service market fast and easy. You can read about the service providers and their customer stories. There are hundreds of business services, and among the recommended, StatBun certified service providers you will find support for, for example:

  • Strategy work
  • Developing reporting or budgeting
  • Business valuation
  • Investment profitability calculations
  • Planning funding

StatBun service market will open soon.

Software and app market

Systems for Better Processes

Enhance BI, analytics and smart management by connecting other apps with StatBun. Integrate your trusted apps or discover new ones to support your business needs easily from our app market. Get acquainted with app properties, customer testimonials and pricing in no time.

  • Find your favourites and integrate software you already use to StatBun.
  • Discover new apps to boost your business.
  • Find solutions to support all business needs.
  • Connect quick with just one click or a few easy steps.

StatBun software market will open soon. Which software and apps do you wish to connect to StatBun?

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additional self-services

Services to Lift Your Business Up

Find more services among StatBun’s advanced self-service channels. For example, you can start or sell businesses or apply for funding from the selection of hundreds of alternative financiers and investors. Make full use of your data and business intelligence by connecting the smartest AI solutions to StatBun. StatBun’s smart interpretations of your service use also allows it to suggests you services that are useful for your business.

  • Start or sell a business
  • Apply for business funding
  • Solutions for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence