We are Individuals

Curious problem-solvers. Bold thinkers and doers. Developers of sustainable solutions.

Casual and Professional Development Culture

Here different personalities are valued. We are interested in every person behind their role. We have a flat hierarchy and straightforward corporate culture which makes us agile to react to changes and reach our goals.

We share the will to develop ourselves and grow as individuals and a work community. Our customers are always at the centre of what we do. We genuinely want to understand and help them. Together we find new, improved solutions. Together we thrive and succeed.

Why work with us?

Team Spirit
Ideas grow in collaboration. We develop innovative solutions together in good spirit.

Culture of Trial & Error
We are brave to try out new and always try out best. Sometimes we fail but learn from it fast.

Learning & Development
We invest in the development of our employees and community. We encourage each other to continuous learning.

We offer great work spaces and tools that suit you. You can work from where you feel good. We strive to ensure that everyone’s work day experience a good one, and we have counterbalance aside our work.

Open and fair stance to one another is at the core of our responsible and well-being work community. Our modern offices are located so that they can be easily reached. Our IT equipment is recycled responsibly.

Reasons to be Proud
Together we can be proud about the success of our super content customers, our innovative product family as well as the great work community. You can do work that matters.

Competitive salary and compensation.

Employee Benefits
Of course, versatile employee benefits to support your health and well-being.

Feel like you would fit to our crew nicely?

Even though each of us has a title, we are most interested in your personality, attitude, know-how, story and experience.

You could be the next member of the StatBun crew if you

  • see the world positively full of opportunities
  • want to challenge yourself and your team to find new, improved solutions
  • feel inner burn to excellent performance and develop yourself
  • are genuinely motivated by your desire to understand and help customers
  • want to make complex things easily understandable

This sparks your flame? If these things make you proud of your work, lets talk more!

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