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Advanced HR Analytics for Strategic HR Management

In StatBun you can combine data from diverse sources and use advanced HR metrics to support decision-making and monitoring of HRM measures’ impact on business performance. By utilising statistical data to support HR analytics you can also understand the current state of your HR in comparison to other companies.

People analytics for strategic hr management

From HR Reporting to HR Analytics

With StatBun you collect together reliable, relevant HR data and measure the crucial HR KPIs with ease. With clear, informative dashboards you monitor and report the state of the HR and evaluate the effectiveness of different HR interventions. The large statistical data in StatBun enables you to compare different HR KPIs, for example, within an industry or profession, and set benchmarks.

StatBun’s advanced HR reports and analytics enable data-informed insights to support business-crucial decision-making. Make HR Management and decision-making transparent and strengthen HRM as a strategic business asset.

StatBun is the most advanced 360° HR analytics software for strategic HR management.

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dashboards with hr key performance indicators

Data-Driven HR Management

Follow the most crucial KPIs to your business and HR management, and utilise the knowledge to support improved decision-making and management. In StatBun you find diverse HR KPIs in the following metrics:

  • staff
  • employment information
  • work time
  • vacations and absences
  • salary information
  • training
  • development discussions
  • early intervention model

versatile kpi metrics

Combine HR Data with Other Business Data

By combining HR data with other data collected from the business you gain new, advanced metrics to support business management. Intelligent business performance management that combines diverse data sources helps you evaluate the current state of HR as well as the need for and impact of different HR interventions in relation to the business performance. For example, by combining HR and financial data you gain insights into the HRM’s effect on the financials. What is the gross margin produced per employee and what does it tell about the company’s performance? How do changes in the employee well-being index impact revenue and cash flow?

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