Easier and Smarter BI Reporting and Monitoring

Smart BI reporting and monitoring keeps you up to speed about the state of your business and helps you make better decisions about its future.

business intelligence reporting and monitoring

Dashboards for Better Decision-Making

The best decisions are made based on information that is up-to-date, clear and in a form that is easy to understand. Thanks to automated data monitoring you can focus on understanding the future of your business instead of wasting time on gathering historical data from different sources. Ready report dashboard templates and easy-to-use visual elements make gaining business insights quick, easy, and inspiring. Bringing all you data together allows seamless combining of diverse data and comprehensive monitoring of your business.

versatile and adaptive BI reports

Reports by User Needs

In StatBun you can customise dashboards to best serve your needs. Whether you are an owner, board member, the CEO or responsible for the finances, HR, sales, marketing, administration or business function, you gain insights crucial to your work at one glance.

You will benefit from:

  • ready report packages
  • intuitively customisable dashboards
  • dashboards for each business function
  • comprehensive at-a-glance dashboards
  • dynamic and static reports
  • virtual account schemes