Budget and Investment Calculations for Target-Based Planning

Hit your targets with smart planning and resourcing of activities. Diverse, easy-to-use budget, scenario and investment tools that work together seamlessly will help succeed. In StatBun you can easily shift from planning to forecasting and monitoring your business.

budgeting made easy

Budget Smart and Reach Your Targets

Consistent budget plans increase your chances to reach your targets and thrive.  In StatBun you plan your business in one dashboard – easy and diverse. Clear visual budget view helps you detect any deviations on time. Role-based user rights enable easy interactive budget planning and monitoring among different users. In addition, comprehensive the budget features and easy-to-use templates decrease manual workload so you can work more efficient and focus on what matters.

  • Annual and sub-budgets enable comprehensive planning.
  • Rolling budgets support monitoring.
  • Table views and dynamic dimensions enable easy comparisons.
  • Bulk features that speed up planning.

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easier scenario work

In-Depth Planning with Scenario Analysis

Broaden your horizon to the future with scenario analysis and add more depth to your planning and decision making. By bringing alternative scenarios to budgets and reports you can compare different solutions and evaluate your choices. StatBun’s scenario tool will soon add agility and readiness to change to business management so you can step towards the future and capture opportunities courageously.

released later: investment calculations

Solid Investment Calculations

Accountable, internationally tested calculations help you choose the right investments. Compare investment opportunities and calculate their profitability easily. Assess flexibly also alternative ways to invest with different parameters to see what the risks involved are. StatBun’s investment tool soon enables smart, justified decision making for investments of each industry and business type.