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We develop an all-in-one platform for intelligent business management. It enables each entrepreneur to thrive and each business to perform better. StatBun brings all the data you need, easy-to-use and inspiring management tools as well as a partner and service network to support your business.

inspiring and easy BI, Analytics ANd Performance management

Business Performance Management Platform for Smart Decision-Making

StatBun brings insightful information and inspiring performance management tools for your support so you can focus on developing the thing that you are passionate about. It helps you grow and grows with you, adjusting to your changing needs.

collaborative uSE of data insights

Platform for Shared Growth

StatBun is growing to be a collaboration channel for you and your partners. Thanks to smooth collaboration you can really focus on developing your business. StatBun will soon be a meeting point in which you find services and software applications to support your success easily whenever you need them.

For a world with more better performing businesses.