Towards the Future Way of Managing Intelligent Business

We are developing an inspiring way to manage smarter, better performing business for you. This is where StatBun hops up from!

About us in numbers


15.000 organisations already trust our solutions in their decision-making. We recognise and serve also future customer needs.


Over 100 software interfaces, thousands of integrations made for our customers. That’s why your business data flows into StatBun easily.


Tens of experts, hundreds of years of combined experience, versatile understanding of business and technical solutions. StatBun is developed in capable hands.


From the thoughtfully built partner network you find the solutions best for you. StatBun is a platform to grow and thrive together.

our vision

More Better Performing Businesses

We dream of a world in which there are more better performing companies. Of a world that is a better place to do business. Our vision is based on our belief that everyone has the right to thrive.

This shared vision empowers our whole community. It makes our joint efforts meaningful and unites us, our customers as well as our partners.

Our dream and the encouragement of our customers inspired us to develop the most advanced business management platform on the market, StatBun. We designed it for a collaborative use of both companies and their interest groups. Now everyone can participate in making this shared dream come true.

our mission

Smarter Business. Better Performance.

We want to live our fingerprint to the world in the form of smarter management and better performing businesses.

The world needs entrepreneurs. Smart ones. The world need entrepreneurs who feel well. We developed StatBun in order to connect companies and their interest groups as well as business information, management tools and service providers to enable and support smarter, better performing business.

We believe that the world will become a better place for entrepreneuring through thrifty businesses, entrepreneurs and employees. We want to build a world in which there are more better performing businesses and in which every entrepreneur has the best possible preconditions to thrive.

our values

Fairness, Courage, Boundlessness

We are honest and open to our customers, to one another and our company. We act fair with respect to others. We keep what we promise and we promise what we can keep. We develop fair solutions for the best of our customers and us.

We are courageous to change both as individuals and as an organisation. We try new things boldly and strive to be forerunners that positively stand out from others. We do not let fear dictate what we do but step to our future with brave hearts.

We keep our mind open and see the world positively full of opportunities. We work to produce value to our customers. We integrate widely and offer an independent collaborative platform that enables our customers boundless views to develop their business.

our responsibility

We Care for Our Customers and Our Employees

The responsible way of operating stems from our values that direct us to sustainable responsibility work throughout our business. We carry a responsibility for the continuity and profitability of our business so that we can take care of our customers and our employees now and in the future.

We work persistently as a reliable partner to our customers. We carefully select our partners and constantly develop together solutions that enable our customers’ business to thrive. Thanks to this they also feel better.

To our employees we offer a stable job. We support everyone’s professional development from future experts that are at the beginning of their path to experienced professionals – according to each need. We invest in their well-being also with versatile employee benefits that we offer. We pay attention to different needs and life situations.

We give back

  • We support movement and energy by sponsoring Finnish competitive sports and junior sports.
  • We support Finnish higher education by giving our software for teaching purposes free of charge.

Feel like good fit to our crew?

Even though each of us has a title, we are most interested in your personality, attitude, know-how, story and experience.

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